Our Current Location:
Toulouse, France- 09/07/2014


Welcome and happy reading/browsing everyone!

We will be attempting to drive from Mainland Europe, to the far reaches of South-East Asia, and back. Departing from Toulouse, France, in April 2013, and returning in July 2014.

With a bit of luck , this should prove to be interesting experience to share with you all.

Happy reading!

Please note that we will try to recount our experiences as we have had them and express our own opinions of what we witness.  We do not intend to offend anyone along the way, please keep this in mind.

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Excellent !!! 🙂
    Be sure we’ll follow your adventures, and you surely allready know it will also be the “trip of the life” of all your friends/followers

    PS: The blog is now in my bookmarks… 😉

  2. This is all so exciting! Any time you need ideas about good hostels/hotels to stay let us know! Istanbul was fantastic.

  3. Wishing you all the best for the journey, have a great time!
    We’re old-fashioned, we’ll be expecting postcards…..

    • Bonsoir you two. It’s an old friend from Toulouse here. Mark has been keeping me update so far, but I see the journey has begun.

      Sounds like an epic journey you’ll remember for the rest of your life’s.

      Good luck to you and I’m sure Ivor will get you there and back safely.


  4. We are thinking of you so much! Glad that you have made a start and well done at following your dreams. We look forward to following your blogs.

  5. A very serious…WOW!!!!
    I love that you are doing this…..what an adventure of a lifetime. I’m envious and pleased at your courage, and enthusiastic zest for life.
    The pictures are incredible, can’t wait to follow you along.
    Much love and support,
    Aunt Carol

  6. Kim and Vaughan,
    Wow the adventure of a lifetime! you two are lucky to do this.
    We love hearing of your awesome adventure. We love seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing this with us Love you, stay safe! xoxox

  7. Hiya Kim and Vaughan!
    I’m so impressed you’ve managed to get through the itinerary so far. Ivor sounds legendary. Hope you’re having loads of fun on the road and meeting plenty of characters along the way.

    Make sure you give us a call when you get close to Australia — would be great to see you in Sydney or Canberra!! I’ll send through all my contact details.
    Keith, Joc, Shaz and I will organise a big BBQ for when you hit this part of Oz.

    cheers man & keep on truckin!

  8. You two are legends! I wait with baited breath for everyone of your blogs. So well written, entertaining, humorous and great story telling. I always look at the maps to see where you’ve been and am in wonder of your journey.

    Two roads diverged in the distance
    and you took the one less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference.

    Be safe, but above all have fun. Once in a lifetime doesn’t do it justice.



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