Vaughan and Kim

Here we are!  So just a few tidbits about us.  Vaughan is adventurous, athletic, encouragable, and British. Kim is fun-loving, sporty, tolerant and Canadian/Portguese.  And together we are Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

We have always had a passion for travel, and an enthusiasm to uncover the real nature of the places that we have visited. This drove us to the conclusion that to earn a true and balanced impression of the world we should try to see as much as possible of it from ground level – and the idea for our ‘trip of a lifetime’ was born.

We have being scheming, reflecting, planning, and of course dreaming of a trip like this for a long time now and we have finally come to the point in our lives where it is actually possibly to do, so we’re going for it!

Thanks to our employer EADS Astrium, we will be taking a 15 month sabattical leave from our duties as Satellite Engineers in order to fulfill our dream.  So grateful!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Vaughan and Kim
    I think your travels are crazy and brilliant and I am full of admiration for you.
    With the bestest of wishes
    Helen Paterson

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