A wee catch up – and Mustang Trip pics

So, err, we’ve let it slip again a little haven’t we? 

We’re not even in  India yet according to our little log… And here we are back in Thailand already, and with Ivor still in Nepal – What could possibly have happened?!!

An awful lot, we don’t mind saying – but we’ve not got time for the full story at the minute. The skimmed version looks a little like this:

Got the truck to India, dealt with reams of bureaucracy, and eventually freed Ivor from his shipping container.

We scurried through India in a only a few weeks, had a lot of fun, got bounced around their appalling roads (possibly the worst we have encountered so far), an overhanging branch leapt out in front of Ivor, many cows leapt out in front of Ivor (while yet more stood where they were in the middle of any carriage-way they pleased, not caring in the slightest), popped in to see a true icon, and generally stuffed our faces with curry for the rest of the time.

We arrived in Nepal with few days to spare before the scheduled start of our Mustang Mountain bike trip.

Ever since Delhi (we think), Vaughan had been secretly incubating Dengue Fever in his blood stream – caught from a pesky mosquito – it was here, in the south west of Nepal that he decided enough was enough, and that it was time to allow the symptoms to the surface.

Two weeks passed before a slender, sleeker Vaughan emerged from the Nepalese healthcare system –  with blood platelet levels approaching normal he was allowed out to play once more.

Our pals Jim and Mark came out for a trek / bike around the Manaslu circuit, before finally we set off on our re-scheduled Mustang Biking trip.

But now, in a fashion particularly popular with overhyped TV series from the U.S., we’ll leave you with a few exciting tid-bits of information and poised questions to get you hooked, and all keen for the next edition:

– How did our intrepid trekkers fare, carrying inappropriate sports goods to the giddy height of 5100 meters?

– At exactly which point did Ivor suffer two punctures, almost simultaneously? And how much effort did the plucky couple waste changing inner tubes before they discovered that it was probably just loose valve centres?

– What possible reason could they have for leaving their truck behind them, and swanning over to Thailand on a moments notice? Surely it’s not just because they fancied a spring roll or two and needed to top up their tans?

All of these questions and more will be answered in our exciting upcoming posts, but in the mean time, here are some photos from our Mustang biking adventure, to whet your appetite for what is to come.

4 thoughts on “A wee catch up – and Mustang Trip pics

  1. I’m currently sitting in our house whilst it is turned upside down ,with no hot water or gas , so no cooking or heating for the last 4 days ,but the upside is i’ve finally had the laptop to myself & have caught up on the past 4months or so of your adventure & I have to say it has been a wonderful escape!you seem to be having such an adventure with many challenges along the way , as there should be!Glad to see & hear Vaughan has recovered & back on his bike .Take care & carry on enjoying it & fingrs crossed the worst is behind you .liz xxx

  2. You crazy people …what absolute fun! Glad you are recovered Vaughan. As a slimming regime would you recommend Dengue fever as we need to slim a bit!

  3. Wow! Fab photos and a bit of a cliff hanger. Ivor you little tinker, what are you up to?
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Rick & Sheila

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